About Us

Our website, SaleFound, is formed to make shopping easier. We collect the best sales on products from top retailers and bring it to you. Our job is to cater for your lifestyle, we make sure we show you the best items on offer available at best prices everyday.

We have worked hard to create a more personalized experience which ranges from liking a product to following your favourite brand, our tools give you complete control to pinpoint the exact product you are looking for in less time.  

We know you will love browsing through our website and are confident you will find what you want and even more at best sale price.

How does it work?

Its quite simple with SaleFound, We gather all the sales products from brands, retailers and stores – and display them to you in our search functionality. Once you have found a product which you want to buy, SaleFound will redirect to the brand or retailers or store website. You can buy from the Brand, Retailer and Store Website.

If you have any issues, you can always contact us on

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